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About Us
Ka'ahumanu Hou Christian School was founded in 1984 by Pastor James Marocco of First Assembly of God King's Cathedral in Maui, Hawaii.  Pastor Marocco wanted a school that would disciple young people to be Godly leaders.  It was named after the first Christian queen of the Hawaiian Islands.  After she became a Christian, she mandated the education of all children in her kingdom, thus creating the first Christian schools in the islands.

We carry on this tradition by emphasizing not only academics but also discipleship.  We want our students and graduates to be grounded in the Lord, ready to take on whatever He calls them to.  So we have daily Bible classes, classroom prayers, weekly chapels, and a focus in all subjects on how God is working.

In 2006 we became a Classical school.  This is a means of helping our students learn to the best of their ability.  We cater to age-appropriate learning styles.

  • Elementary students can memorize things well so we have them memorize the "grammar" of all the subjects.  This includes language skills but also the rules of math, the basics of science, the facts of history and much more.
  • Middle school students love to argue, so we help them learn with this.  We teach them the scientific method, formulas in math, perfecting essays and the flow of history.  We also teach them how to argue effectively with Logic classes.
  • High School students are concerned with appearances so we teach them to be eloquent in everything they do.  We have them write persuasive essays, have them read great works of literature, teach them the beauty of math and science and the reasons behind historical moments.  We also teach them how to write and deliver speeches, formal and informal, so they will be able to communicate well.
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